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1– 4 December 2020 | 2pm – 6pm GMT

125+ Terminal Operators Now Registered!

This year’s CTAC event will unpack the most important topics and questions for Terminal Operators seeking to innovate and push for automation. The event will provide the best strategies for transitioning out of an unprecedented year and how to continue to build resiliency to prepare for an unpredictable future

CTAC 2020 Offers a Unique Forum To:


Engage in networking discussions and participate in key debates with C-level executives


Understand how to harness and action key insights from big data & analytics


See first-hand the latest innovations in terminal solutions from the world’s top technology providers


Hear best-in-practice examples from terminals and experts around the world


Meet world renowned terminal automation experts and industry gurus with decades of expertise


Learn how the top terminal operators are moving forward with their long-term terminal strategy plans

CTAC Online

CTAC 2020 is now virtual!

Due to government restrictions, this year’s event will be hosted via our dedicated virtual platform.
The conference will offer all the benefits you are used to experiencing at Port Technology live events,
with Q&A features across all sessions and opportunities to network with the industry's leading stakeholders.

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What's New for 2020?

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Improving port productivity is one of the biggest priorities for the maritime industry.

That is why some of the world’s leading ports and terminals are researching smart technologies that have the potential to drive growth.

Livorno, one of the busiest ports on the Mediterranean, is working towards becoming an integrated, smart and safe transport hub with devices, machines and humans sharing real-time information by utilizing 5G technology.

5G technology is the backbone of the internet-of-things (IoT) and could lead to the advent of autonomous ships and smart logistics.

CTAC 2020, will address how integrating significant data utilization, vehicle automation, the latest industry sensor technologies and more will help power your port or terminal performance.

Automation is one of the most exciting and transformative technological breakthroughs for the port and shipping industry.

Every port needs cranes to load and unload cargo, and more are beginning to see the benefit of utilizing robotics and AI.

With ports and their terminal activities playing a key role in the global economy, it is critical to discover the full performance enhancing potential of ground breaking smart technologies.

CTAC2020 will identify the biggest opportunities ports and asset providers have today to drive growth through automation and new technology.

The majority of global container terminals are still manual, and the industry is yet to take full advantage of what automation can offer short and long-term.

COSCO Shipping Ports, the world’s biggest terminal operator, struck a deal with TOS specialists Navis in 2018 to implement the N4 TOS across its entire worldwide network of 38 ports.

Navis predicts that its latest N4 TOS can optimize operational processes by as much as 63% by utilizing better data analytics.

Furthermore, a recent survey suggested that 54% of terminals do not utilize TOS data to identify root operational delays and 61% fail to sufficiently analyse terminal and worker performance.

Gathering global ports, terminals and terminal operators, CTAC2020 offers the perfect platform to present your latest TOS performance enhancing solutions to strategic clients, as well as network and develop new business opportunities.


Innovation in robotics, driverless vehicles, big data, and simulation software will become more critical for logistics and operations in the next decade.

The development of smart technologies makes it possible to track and measure cargo activity throughout its journey.

Ports AND Terminals around the world are finding new ways to bring the global economy closer together, linking logistical gaps through technological innovation via close collaboration with innovators and academics.

CTAC2020 is the perfect platform to network with ports, terminals and fellow ground breaking innovators and thought leading academics, to debate on the big industry questions and to communicate on precisely how innovation in big data technology can drive growth in the container terminal to benefit the whole sector, and to discuss business opportunities.


Big data analytics will be one of the top transformational technologies used by ports and other segments of commercial shipping.

Container terminals have started to deploy sensors in cranes, container handling equipment, containers, trucks and gates.

By doing so, they will not only reduce traffic congestion and increase throughput, but also collect and store data. The Maasvlakte II Terminal in Rotterdam has reported a 25-30% increase in container traffic three years after it adopted automation technology.

CTAC2020 will present solutions to tackle the many issues operators are facing in the field of terminal automation and technological progress for performance optimisation.

There are plans to roll out 5G networks across the world in 2020, creating faster connections that stay online no matter where you are.

Further to this, autonomous ships can be run remotely, requiring only a small crew, with computer software taking care of navigation and on-board systems.

The Port of Rotterdam aims to have autonomous ships fully operational by 2030. It will do this by utilizing IoT technologies, such as sensors, that will gather data from multiple streams to significantly improve safety standards and drive growth.

According to a 2017 report from Deloitte, many industries and business sectors are struggling to grasp the possibilities of big data-driven technology, save for those in transportation and logistics.

CTAC2020 will define these concepts and more, examining their benefit to shipping lines and to the broader industry.


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Previous Attendees Include

“The only international conference where various stakeholders spend 2 full days talking about the future of container terminal automation & how to prepare for emerging technologies.”

Peng Tong Chua

PSA International Pte Ltd.

“A nicely organized event which crafted the ideal environment for networking with top experts in the terminal industry.”

Ben Kong

DP World

“It was good to get so much information on the automation of ports and terminals. Excellent conference; I will be attending again in the future.”

Won Wook Hwang

Busan Port Authority

“Another great event – providing latest insights in the technology and mindset shifts in the container terminal automation space.”

Wolfgang Lehmacher

World Economic Forum

“The conference is rapidly converting to the automatic event to attend for Port Technology. State of the art and looks into the future.”

Rafael Velasquez


“The conference was well organised and provided a great mix of expert views and experience from operators and technology providers.”

Victor Figueroa