AI – Why Now?

The global maritime freight transportation revenue is estimated to reach US$205 billion by 2023, which is up from $166 billion in 2017. Part of this assumption is based upon the impact AI is set to have worldwide.

Automated equipment provides huge amounts of data that has never been available from terminal operations before. AI and machine learning makes use this data to create value, optimising terminal operations beyond current expectations.


The AI Controlled Terminal Operating System

  •  A centralized portal of integrated information
  • Operates container yard cranes, minimizing crane movements
  • Manages container dray traffic at port, realising quick container check-in and release
  • Reduces number of man hours spent on redundant, labour-intensive work replacing it with a much more efficient and reliable system
  • Allows for the minimization and automation of:
    • Exceptional case handling
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Supply chain optimisation: terminals, ships, road transportation, warehousing


How to Utilize AI?

To successfully integrate AI, it is paramount to truly understand and integrate your organization’s business, user experience, and technology with the company’s vision and strategy