Assured ROI

You can discover:

  • The latest advancements in full and semi-automation implementation, integrated with business strategy and performance optimisation
  • The key business drivers for automation including reduced operating costs & long term ROI projection
  • How automation is living up to expectations on performance, productivity, reliability and ROI today at for example Euromax Rotterdam and CTA Hamburg
  • How digitalisation is impacting the automation landscape


Automation: Gains

 Increased Efficiency

The automation of mundane processes improves process efficiency. Manual errors and delays are eliminated, increasing the number of ships that can be handled by the port. The usage of drones for inspection will increase efficiency. Increased efficiency helps maintain the cap on port emissions, conforming to environmental regulations.


Saving Time and Resources

Operational efficiency ensures that every process is optimized for least time consumption. The time saved due to process automation is significant: for example ports can save up to 30% of time spent in ship management with automation.


Improved Stability

Sensors and other electronic equipment used in planning port operations result in the high stability of processes. Self-steering ships will become the standard and the usage of sensors will replace the need for towing. Speed and safety are both taken care of, making automated processes tidier than conventional process flows.


Long-Term Benefits

Once fixed in place, automated systems do not need frequent monitoring. The port is then freed from manual interference. Further, the flexibility of the automation processes implemented ensures that any changes necessary can be made and executed immediately.