M2M, V2V & V2X – Connecting to the IoT and IoV

M2M is a technology for data transmission from machine to machine, which innately includes sensor to sensor, mobile to machine and man to machine technology. The purpose is to drive the automatic and direct transfer of data between various network nodes, connecting and monitoring the ‘things’ in the Internet of Things (IoT).

V2V applications communicate by means of radio communication signals transmitted using omnidirectional antennas. There are four applications: safety and avoiding collisions; managing traffic infrastructure; telematics and entertainment services, and Internet connection. There are two types of V2V: communication between two vehicles and communication between a vehicle and the communication centre.

As the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) develops, vehicles will demand lower communication latency, higher reliability, and higher transmission rates – all of which 5G provides.


Applied effectively M2M port services directly contribute to lowering cost of services through:

  • Visibility: Improves asset availability and reduces fleet operations costs, mitigates port congestion through better traffic flow management, enables advanced decision making along the chain. This includes early incident detection and response to reduce damage, loss and claims and help avoid costly supply chain breakdowns
  • Security and safety: Mitigates the risk of cargo theft, damage, tampering, smuggling, stowaways, terrorism and tax evasion
  • Regulatory gains: Provides hard data and chain of custody for compliance with security, environmental, food, and pharmaceutical safety laws

Access to real-time, actionable data makes you smarter, nimbler and allows you to better manage resources, protect assets, deploy intelligent e-business applications, and quickly respond to rapidly changing conditions.


Vehicle of Things: The Future is V2X Communication

V2X communication is the future. V2X will enhance the safety of all maritime transport participants by exchanging information between the different elements of a maritime infrastructure. Allowing for the increase in our ability to improve our security in areas that are abstract today.