Francisco Grau Cavanillas

Managing Director – Ports&Terminals
Orbita Ingenieria



Francisco Grau Cavanillas is the Managing Director in charge of the Ports & Terminals division at Orbita Ingenieria.

He is an Industrial Engineer specialised in electronics and industrial automation. Over the years he has held various positions in engineering companies, yet always oriented to process automation and industrial communications. His experience and skills have been developed over more than 18 years of projects and business development in the automotive and maritime sectors. In his current role he is in charge of developing Orbita’s global business in ports and terminals.


Debating the Future of Automation

Tuesday 1st December 2020, 4.00pm – 5.00pm

The adoption of automation in ports and terminals has accelerated, but operational difficulties and high costs has meant that the industry has been slow to adopt the technology. In this Panel, industry experts will anticipate the complex variables which will affect the adoption of automation in both brownfield and greenfield projects in the next decade